The Colophon Cafe, Fairhaven

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Colophon Cafe

Geographic Area: Bellingham, South Whatcom County
Type of Cuisine: Homemade soups and sandwiches
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Link to Allergen Information: n/a
Address: 1208 11th Street
City: Fairhaven, in Bellingham
State: WA, USA
Phone Number: 360-647-0092
Email Address:

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

ADVISE your server when ordering of your dietary limitations. Staff is aware of allergy issues and can make accomodations. Be advised, they do make baked items from scratch, so flour is present in the kitchen area. They have a nice selection of gluten-free desserts, usually 2-3 to choose from. There are usually several soups to choose from that are naturally gluten free. Salads are quite good with variety greens (not just iceberg lettuce!)

General Description

This a warm, friendly place to stop on a cold (or hot) afternoon for a break in your day. They deliver simple, hearty meals that are satisfying. Lots of choices for every taste in your group whether it is tea for two or a party of 8.


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