Sweet Cakes

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Sweet Cakes

Geographic Area:Kirkland,WA
Type of Cuisine:Bakery
Link to Website:http://www.sweetcakeskirkland.com/
Link to Menu:http://www.sweetcakeskirkland.com/
Link to Ingredients:
Link to Allergen Information:Majority of baked goods are Gluten-Free
Address:128 Park Lane
Zip/Postal Code:98033
Phone Number:425.821.6565
Fax Number:
Email Address:susannepark@earthlink.net

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

The main purpose of this bakery is to make delicious gluten-free cakes although they make many other items. They are currently attempting to make a gluten-free, dairy-free cake.

General Description

Sweet Cakes is a great place to visit if you live in or visit Kirkland. This bakery is people friendly and inviting especially for the gluten-free person who usually cannot obtain DELICIOUS baked goods. It is THE place to order Birthday,Wedding or Anniversary cakes. Drop by for a mini-cupcake. It is located across from I,Cactus who serves an excellent Butternut Squash Corn Enchilada (gluten-free).