Old Town Cafe

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Old Town Cafe

Geographic Area: Bellingham,WA
Type of Cuisine: Vegetarian
Link to Website: none
Allergen Information: none
Address: 316 W. Holly St.
City: Bellingham
State: WA, WA

Zip/Postal Code: 98225
Phone Number: 360-671-4431

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

There are vegetarian and vegan choices made from all-natural products and organic produce. This restaurant is a good option for those with dairy intolerance.

Limited knowledge of gluten/cross contamination issues. At this time, no specific gluten free offerings. Would be a questionable place to even get something that was "naturally gluten free" uncontaminated.

General Description

Old Town Cafe serves breakfast and lunch only. It is a favorite place for locals to eat breakfast on the weekend so go early to avoid a long wait. You will find a cool retro atmosphere and can choose omelets, baked granola, scrambled tofu with vegetables and herb fried potatoes for breakfast.


There are mostly rave reviews on the web, such as "We used to love eating breakfast here when we lived in Bellingham. We have not found anything quite as good in Portland. I loved the omelets and tofu scramble. They have a nice kids menu and live music."
But there are some rants - "Old Town has been around for what seems like forever. I have never cared for it. Many people rave about how the love it, and that it's the best breakfast in town. Bellingham doesn't have a GOOD breakfast place to go, so sometimes I settle and go to Old Town. Don't go if you have any kind of schedule, it takes forever. You also usually have to set you own table and get your own water. I guess this is to be expected in a "hippie" atmosphere. I would be fine with those things if you got some REAL good grub in exchange, but instead what you get is potatoes that are raw on the inside and black on the outside (more than half the times I've been) and food that is unsalted and is very bland. I think that it's suppose to be "health food" but this is NOT a healthy way to eat. Just tasteless."

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