New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

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New Cascadia Traditional Bakery

Geographic Area: Portland, Oregon
Type of Cuisine: Gluten Free Baked Goods
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Address: 2120 NW Glisan St.
City: Portland
State: Oregon
Nation: United States
Zip/Postal Code: 97210
Phone Number: 503-887-4392
Fax Number:
Email Address:

Dedicated Gluten Free Bakery

They bake breads, pastries and cookies in a dedicated gluten free kitchen. Unlike many gluten free bakeries they bake Portland Sourdough which looks like a sourdough loaf you would find at a bakery who bakes with wheat. New Cascadia bakes many other items like Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies, Cinnamon Rolls, pies and cakes. Cakes require special advanced ordering.

The sourdough bread is so good that a patient at IBS Treatment Center bought a freezer to store loaves of this special not easily found bread.

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