Jeckyll & Hyde Deli and Alehouse, two locations!

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Jeckyl & Hyde BBQ and Deli

Geographic Area:
Type of Cuisine: Barbeque, wood-fired pizza
Link to Website:
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Address: TWO Locations: 709 W. Orchard Drive and 794 Kentucky Street
City: Bellingham, WA 98225
Nation: USA
Phone Number: Orchard Dr- 360-715-9100 and Kentucky St-360-656-5303
FAX number: 360-715-9101 Email Address:

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

While both locations offer gluten-free bread and pizzas, NEITHER location is dedicated. The same equipment that is used to prepare regular breads is used for the gluten free products. That being said, ordering "naturally gluten free" is a viable option. Nice salads, sandwiches with no bread, etc. Though they do make their gluten products from scratch so "loose flour" in the kitchen is a source of contamination.

General Description

Great sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas, ales/microbrews and wines. Wonderful atmosphere in both restaurants.


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