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FAIFWiki is currently running on Mediawiki 1.6.10. Some wiki help refers to the most current version of Mediawiki or even to other versions of wiki software. Most helpfiles on Wikipedia and the MediaWiki Help will provide valuable information, but some refer to options not yet implemented on FAIFWiki (for technical reasons). If you try something and it doesn't work, don't sweat it. Feel free to copy from pages on FAIFWiki that do what you would like and change the text to your needs. Footnotes are implemented on FAIFWiki using an older system than Wikipedia

How to Get Help

Detailed help on how to use this or any mediawiki-based wiki is available from MediaWiki Help. You may want to open the help pages in a separate tab or window so you can flip back and forth between FAIFWiki and the MediaWiki help pages.

Basic Help

You need to log in to edit pages. To log in, click on the login/create account link in the upper right corner of the screen and enter the required information. See our privacy policy for information on privacy.

After you log in you will be able to click on the edit tab or links in a page. This allows you to make corrections, additions, and improvements. Please be careful and always preview your changes before you save them to make sure they look right. Edit help is available whenever you have opened an edit window through a link at the bottom of the edit area, to the right of the 'Save Page' and 'Show Preview' buttons. Some pages are locked. You won't be able to edit them. These pages are either managed by the FAIFWiki administrators (like this page) or are pages that have been vandalized and have been locked to prevent further damage.

New Pages

To create new pages it is usually best to create a link to the page you want to create on the appropriate hub page. Other methods also work, but you should remember to add links on the appropriate hub pages so others can find your page.

Hub pages are pages that organize groups of sub-pages so that they can be easily found. For example, the Restaurants Hub page provides a logic place to start when looking for information on restaurants. It has sub-hub pages, based on geography and other criteria. This is the limit of hubs - there are hubs and sub hubs, but no deeper levels. The Hubs are listed on the FAIFWiki Main Page. Sub-hubs are listed on the hub pages. If you want to add a Hub, email the administrator at and your request will be considered.

These hub and sub-hub pages allow the user to, for example, find a list of the restaurants in their local city. The page describing the individual restaurant is the final page in this chain. So, if you want to add a page for a restaurant called 'Greasy Spoon' in Seattle, you would go to the GreaterSeattleArea sub-hub page and add a link to the page you want to create by clicking the 'edit' link in the appropriate section and adding [[Greasy Spoon]] (including the [[ and ]] to make it a link), previewing, and then saving your change. Then the page will exist - blank, but ready to edit. To add the content you simply copy the standard restaurant page format from Restaurant Page Format, and then click on your link to 'Greasy Spoon', paste in the text, and fill in the details.


FAIFWiki is using footnotes3-type footnotes. For more information check out the Wikipedia page containing detailed information on this system [Wikipedia:Footnote3].