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Grocery Stores Accommodating the Food Allergy and Intolerance Community

Many grocery stores around the United States and around the world are finding that it is relatively easy and makes good business sense to accommodate those with food allergies/intolerances. Some have guides to gluten-free shopping, some are built around vegan foods, or have special sections for allergen-free foods. Unprocessed foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, raw grains, and simple meats are good bets for allergen-free eating. This Wiki strives to include comprehensive information so that you can find a grocer that will give you what you want, in your area. Help us out and share the best of the options in your area. To add your favorite grocer, go to Adding Grocers.

Grocery Stores by Geographic Area

Below is a list of Geographical Areas with restaurants listed in this wiki. Feel free to add your area as a hub page. Follow the examples given to maximize consistency and ease of navigation.

United States

US National Grocery Chains

US Online Grocers

Greater Seattle Area Grocers

Greater Bellingham Area Grocers

Links to stores adjacent to name.

  • Community Food Coop [1] Two locations to serve you- downtown Bellingham and Cordata
  • Terra Organica [2] 1530 Cornwall (and York St.) in north downtown Bellingham Public Market
  • Greene's Corner [3] Corner of Northwest and Smith Roads, east of Ferndale
  • The Markets at Lakeway [4], Birch Bay [5] and Anacortes [6]
  • Fred Meyers [7] Two locations, one on Lakeway and I-5, the other on Bakerview and I-5
  • Haggens [8] Multiple locations throughout county, check website

Greater Wisconsin Area Grocers