Grilla Bites

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Grilla Bites

Geographic Area: Greater Seattle Area
Type of Cuisine: Organic Soups, Sandwiches, Salads
Link to Website:
Link to Menu:
Link to Ingredients: Check menu page for numerous links
Link to Allergen Information: none
Address: 8 Locations- Western U.S.(CA,OR,WA,UT)
City: Snohomish
State: WA
Nation: USA
Zip/Postal Code: 98290
Phone Number: 360-568-7333
Fax Number: 360-568-7999
Email Address:

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

Vegan meals are offered on their menu for those who need to avoid dairy or egg. Anne Dottai, a nutritionist and owner of the Snohomish, WA location provides gluten free bread or buns when needed. Also Anne sells Flying Apron's Vegan, Gluten-Free cookies.

General Description

Grilla Bites are the brainstorm of The Markens in Chico, California. After spending 15 years in the organic food industry and farming organic produce, the Markens decided to open Grilla Bites in 2000. Their menu was created to offer only organic food with a strong emphasis on vegetarian and vegan choices.
On the menus you will find homemade soups, an organic salad bar, a huge variety of burgers - Veggie, Tempeh, Portobello, Turkey, Wild Salmon and Bison - plus numerous Tofu dishes - Pesto, Curry and BBQ. Some restaurants offer breakfast, lunch and dinner while others do not offer all meals, so check the menu of the location that you will be dining at.


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