Great Harvest Franchising, Inc.

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Great Harvest Franchising, Inc.

Geographic Area: United States of America (200 Locations)
Link to Website:
Link to Menu: Menu varies from location to location
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Link to Allergen Information:
State: Multiple States
Nation: USA
Type of Cuisine: Wholegrain Breads and Sweets
Zip/Postal Code: Multiple

Great Harvest Franchising, Inc.

Since the 1970's Great Harvest Bread has been know for their healthy great tasting wholegrain bread and sweets. The Great Harvest Franchises have always listed their food allergens, mainly wheat, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and milk. Until recently the Great Harvest Franchises have not made gluten-free bread although not all food allergens (listed above) were contained in all their recipes. Now there are several sites in Washington state that are baking some breads and sweets gluten-free. They are located in Bellingham, West Seattle and Lake Forest Park in the Seattle area. If there are other franchises baking gluten-free breads or sweets the writer is unaware of them. Please call your local Great Harvest to find out if they are baking gluten-free. All locations are listed on the Great Harvest website.

Please note: Great Harvest is primarily a "wheat bakery", they are not dedicated facilities. Caution should be used by individuals who have celiac/gluten issues due to the possibility of cross contamination. Spelt is NOT considered wheat-free.

General Description

Great Harvest has been known for years for providing outstanding healthy whole grain breads and huge samples of bread slices for their customers.


One of the best breads you can find anywhere in the United States.