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Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza

Geographic Area: WA,OR,CA,CO,TN,NJ,FL
Type of Cuisine: Pizza
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Address: 802 134th Street SW, Suite 130
City: Everett
State: WA
Nation: USA
Zip/Postal Code: 98204
Phone Number: 425-918-1900
Fax Number: 425-918-1700
Email Address:

If you have additional questions, please call me directly.

Ross Marzolf
Director of Public Relations & Marketing
Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

Garlic Jim's now offers gluten free crust.

We switched our slapping flour from a wheat-based product to a corn/rice mix. This is significant because it means that all the flour flying around the store as pizzas are slapped is GF.

GF crusts are par-baked and are stored separately. When a GF pizza is ordered, the GF crust is placed on a dedicated GF screen then the sauce is put on the par-bake crust using separate containers and utensils, it is then moved to the makeline where the cheese and other ingredients are added. It is placed in the oven, cooked and then removed with a dedicated GF peel, placed in a pizza box and cut with a dedicated GF pizza cutter.

General Description

Garlic Jim's makes gourmet pizzas with many flavorful sauces and ingredients. We also offer salads, salad dressings and chicken wings which are gluten-free. GF menus are available upon request from our corporate office and will be online by December 12, 2008.


Just last week (December 1, 2008,I brought one of our gluten-free Smokin' Sweet BBQ Chicken pizzas to my friend Lisa, who was disagnosed two years ago with a severe case of celiac disease. She had been literally dying before our eyes and had been seriously misdiagnosed until this time!

She tasted the pizza and almost cried! She said, "Ross, this is the best food I've tasted in two years. You try eating scrambled eggs every day for two years."

This kind of response is very typical.

Ross Marzolf