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Add a link to your favorite cookbook. As there are millions of cookbooks, please include only books that you think are of exceptional value to those with food allergies/intolerances.

Note: The Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation staff may add or change the link to the cookbook to point to These referral links provide a tiny revenue source for the foundation as Amazon pays a tiny commission when someone buys the linked book. Please do not alter links that have been directed to unless you are authorized by the Food Allergy and Intolerance Foundation.

General Allergy Cookbooks

8 Degrees Of Ingredients

  • 8 Degrees Of IngredientsBy Melisa K. Priem A comprehensive cookbook including over 250 everyday recipes all free of the 8 most common food allergens, wheat-,egg-,peanut-,fish-,soy-,milk-,tree nut-,and shellfish Free!

The All Natural Allergy Cookbook: Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free

The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook

  • The Allergy Self-Help Cookbook Over 350 Natural Food Recipes, Free of All Common Food Allergens: Wheat-free, Milk-free, egg-free, corn-free, sugar-free, yeast-free. By Marjorie Hurt Jones

Bake Deliciously! Gluten and Dairy Free Cookbook

The Best-Ever Wheat and Gluten Free Baking Book

The Complete Book of Gluten-Free Cooking

Celebrating Food

  • Celebrating Food By Susan Gauen 121 Gluten-Free Recipes for a healthier you. Includes Food Allergy Sensitive Recipes - not just gluten-free, wheat-free but dairy-free and egg-free.

Cooking Free

  • Cooking Free 220 Flavorful Recipes for People with Food Allergies and Multiple Food Sensitivities. By Carol Fenster

Feast Without Yeast

  • Feast Without Yeast 4 Stages to Better Health : A Complete Guide to Implementing Yeast Free, Wheat (Gluten) Free and Milk (Casein) Free Living. By Bruce Semon

Food Allergy Field Guide

The Food Allergy Mamma's Baking Book: Great Dairy-,Egg-, and Nut-Free Treats for the Whole Family

Gluten Free Fun

  • [1] Delicious allergy-free recipes from restaurant owner and best selling author Debbie Johnson. Fun With GF/LG Food! is an ebook cookbook by Debbie Johnson, former owner and executive chef of The Golden Chalice Restaurant & Gallery, a 100% gluten-free, sugar-free, low-glycemic, organic, allergy-friendly establishment. (An ebook is an electronic book that downloads to your computer)

The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook

The Vegan Scoop: 150 Recipes for Dairy-free Ice Cream that Taste Better than the Real Thing

The Vegan Scoop brings the pleasures of the ice cream parlor into your home with 150 recipes for delicious frozen desserts that are so rich and creamy, they’re better than the “real” thing—and contain one-third the calories! Developed by vegan hipster Wheeler del Torro of Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts, these “faux” creams feature 100 percent vegan-certified ingredients, making them suitable for both vegans and those with lactose intolerance and other dairy aversions. And with each serving containing approximately 80 calories—nearly 100 calories fewer than a serving of traditional ice cream—you can indulge with peace of mind (and keep your trim waistline!).

The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook

Flying Apron's Gluten-free & Vegan Baking Book

Gluten-Free Cookbooks

1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes

  • 1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes By Carol Lee Fenster Well known author of gluten-free cookbooks - this book is a large collection of her recipes.

The Aia Gluten and Dairy Free Cook Book

  • The Aia Gluten and Dairy Free Cook Book By Marilyn Le Breton. Containing over 400 gluten and dairy free recipes, the book will be invaluable to all those whose diet is restricted due to food intolerances. An increasing number of people on the autism spectrum are turning to the gluten and casein free diet and finding that many of the more troublesome symptoms are significantly alleviated. Coeliacs, and those with lactose and other intolerances, will also find a wealth of useful ideas for cooking without gluten or dairy products and expanding what may initially seem a very restrictive repertoire of possible meals.

Artisanal Gluten-Free Cooking

Cooking Gluten-Free!

  • Cooking Gluten-Free! A Food Lover's Collection of Chef and Family Recipes Without Gluten or Wheat. By Karen Robertson

Free for All Cooking: 150 Easy Gluten-Free, Allergy-Friendly Recipes the Whole Family Can Enjoy

The Gluten Connection

  • The Gluten Connection How Gluten Sensitivity May Be Sabotaging Your Health--And What You Can Do to Take Control Now. By Shari Lieberman

The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook

Gems of Gluten-Free Baking:Breads and Irresistible Treats Everyone Can Enjoy

By Wendy Turnbull The author, a celiac, spent years experimenting with gluten-free flours and developed a gluten-free flour recipe she likes to call GEMs! Many recipes were created in that testing period.

Gluten-Free Baking

  • Gluten-Free Baking More Than 125 Recipes for Delectable Sweet and Savory Baked Goods, Including Cakes, Pies, Quick Breads, Muffins, Cookies, and Other Delights. By Rebecca Reilly

Gluten-Free Baking Classics

The Gluten-Free Bible

  • The Gluten-Free Bible The Thoroughly Indispensable Guide to Negotiating Life without Wheat. By Jax Peters Lowell

Gluten-Free Deliciously - Wonderful Wheat-Free Recipes To Satisfy The Entire Family

Gluten-Free Every Day Cookbook

Gluten-Free Girl How I Found the Food That Loves Me Back...And How You Can Too. By Shauna James Ahern (Also blog at

Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef By Shauna James Ahern and Daniel Ahern

The Gluten-Free Good Health Cookbook

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Bakes Bread

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Comfort Foods

The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy

The Gluten-free Gourmet, Second Edition

The Gluten-Free Kitchen

  • The Gluten-Free Kitchen Over 135 Delicious Recipes for People with Gluten Intolerance or Wheat Allergy. By Roben Ryberg

Gluten Free Mama's Best Baking Recipes

Over 100 recipes including breads, muffins, biscuits, hamburger buns, cakes, cookies, pancakes, pies and so much more. Recipes the entire family will enjoy. More at

Gluten-Free Quick and Easy

The Gluten-Free Vegan

Grain-free Gourmet Delicious Recipes for Healthy Living

100 Best Gluten Free Recipes

Living Gluten and Dairy-Free with Gourmet French Cooking

Living Gluten-Free For Dummies

More from the Gluten-free Gourmet: Delicious Dining Without Wheat

Naturally Gluten-Free Cooking

Nearly Normal Cooking For Gluten-Free Eating

The No-Gluten Cookbook

Special Eats Simple, Delicious Solutions for Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cooking

The Wheat-Free Cook

Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults

General Interest Cookbooks

Cakes and Cookies

The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles

  • The Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles By Cook's Illustrated. Americans love pasta. But this doesn't mean we know about its many types, how best to serve it, or even how best to bring it from plate to mouth. Exploring these topics and more, The Cook's Illustrated Complete Book of Pasta and Noodles offers a comprehensive introduction to the world's pasta, from spaghetti, couscous, and spaetzle to ramen, udon, rice sticks, and more. Compiled from the pages of Cook's Illustrated, the magazine of culinary investigation, the book is a trove of illustrated step-by-step instructions (on rolling pasta dough, for example), hundreds of pasta and related recipes, tips on buying and storage, and other useful data.

The Balanced Plate: The Essential Elements of Whole Foods and Good Health

  • The Balanced Plate: The Essential Elements of Whole Foods and Good Health By Renee Loux. In her first book, Living Cuisine, Renée Loux showed how nutritious and satisfying raw foods cuisine can be. Now she takes a broader look at the benefits of a diet rich in natural, whole foods. Under the banner of "nutritional cross-training," Renée outlines the basic principles of such dietary plans as macrobiotics and Ayurveda, and dishes up flavorful whole foods recipes for optimal health––including Ratatouille Thin Crust Pizza, Roasted Spring Vegetable Salad, and Lemon Vanilla Ginger Snaps––with a nod to gluten-free living, blood sugar balance, and boosted immunity. You are what you eat, Renée explains, but you are also what you use to clean your house and your skin, and so sprinkled throughout the book readers will find ideas for introducing the whole-foods philosophy to their home and beauty routines, including tips for composting and choosing a healthy water filter.

Building Bone Vitality: A Revolutionary Diet Plan to Prevent Bone Loss and Reverse Osteoporosis - Without Dairy Foods,Calcium, Estrogen or Drugs

  • Building Bone Vitality: A Revolutionary Diet Plan to Prevent Bone Loss and Reverse Osteoporosis - Without Dairy Foods,Calcium,Estrogen or Drugs
By Amy Lanou, PhD and Michael Castleman, with foreword by Dean Ornish,M.D. The authors show us that the calcium theory is wrong. 
They present a more sensible, scientifically credible explanation of what causes osteoporosis and how to prevent it.