Araya's Vegetarian Place

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Araya's Vegetarian Place

Geographic Area: Seattle, U-District
Type of Cuisine: Vegan Thai
Link to Website: None (yet)
Link to Menu: None
Link to Ingredients: None
Link to Allergen Information: None
Address: 1121 NE 45th St
City: Seattle
State: WA
Nation: USA
Zip/Postal Code: 98105
Phone Number: (206) 524-4332
Fax Number:

Description of Food Allergy Accommodations

No meat, dairy, or eggs at all. Ask about gluten-free soy sauce.

General Description

This is a fantastic Thai restaurant that just happens to be vegan. This restaurant has been in the U-District for many years. The food is excellent and fresh. The buffet-style lunch is very popular.


February 2008 - I had lunch with a friend at Araya. We both had the buffet. My friend is gluten intolerant and we asked the staff about options. The staff were very attentive and got the owner/manager to come over and point out exactly which dishes were gluten-free. The vegan nature of the restaurant means everything is dairy free and egg free. Though I eat meat, I didn't miss it at all. The food was very, very tasty!

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